Preparing for Lent

Freedom begins

You’ve made the right choice

Throughout your first week, you’ll be sent a few practical tips from the men who have gone before you, words of wisdom from the Sacred Scriptures and the Saints, and bearing witness to the wonders that God continues to work through this spiritual exercise.
During this time, place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ anew. Trust in him and he will act, ask and he will answer, “Seek and you will find” (Matthew 7:7).

How to get started.

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Read the Field Guide

Whether this is your 1st time through Exodus or your 6th, I encourage you to read the Field Guide. Not only does the Field Guide include all of the details for how Exodus 90 works, but it gets to the why behind everything. 

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Write Your 'Why'

Begin Lent with a clear intention. Why have you come to this spiritual exercise? Nearly all men who come to our Lent exercise are seeking a new level of freedom. They realize that they are not free to love and serve their families and God as they ought.

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Invite your brothers

Man is at his best when he is surrounded by men pushing him to triumph. Remember the example that Christ left for us in forming his disciples. If men are “doing” Lent with you, but aren’t in the app, aren’t following the readings — well, they aren’t really doing Lent with you. Click here to invite your brothers to join you in the app.

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Download the App

Read the daily passages from the Gospel of Mark, and the accompanying reflections. These are a key part of the Lent for Men spiritual exercise. Track your progress on each discipline, every day. Connect with your anchor every day in the Fraternity tab and communicate privately with your fraternity brothers for prayer intentions, meeting updates, and more!

Exodus Support Center

We’re here for you

We have a dedicated team of support reps waiting to help you find answers to questions, fix glitches on the app, or whatever issue you might have. 

Simply click the “talk” bubble in the bottom right of your browser, or visit to find what you’re looking for! We’re here for you!

Free 7-day Trial

The first seven days are free. On Day 8, you'll be invited to join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic $10 / month. Men who join Exodus+ gain a year-long roadmap for living different beyond Easter Sunday.

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