Share the Freedom.

Men take on Exodus 90 because someone they respect invited them.

Men in your community are in desperate need of an Exodus. Not just during Exodus 90, but a full-on period of freedom and formation to conform our lives onto Jesus Christ himself.

But who is going to step up and lead the men of your community? Will it be you? 

Find resources on this page to help you discern and find out if this is the year you take your Exodus to the next level: by bringing more men into true freedom through Christ.

How to lead a fraternity.

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7-Day Challenge

During these 7 days (anytime prior to Exodus 90), you’ll commit to praying each day and taking cold showers. A reflection has been written for you to sit with and reflect. By the end of day 7, you’ll be ready to make a decision if this is the year you lead other men into the freedom of Christ.

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Invite your Friends

You can’t do Exodus 90 alone. Prayer, asceticism, and fraternity are the three pillars of the 90-day journey. Download this free resource to help you build your fraternity of 5-7 other men.

Read our tips for inviting brothers >

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Fraternity Leader Virtual Training

The Exodus Fraternity Leader Virtual Training was created to serve Exodus men across the world, helping them to become more effective fraternity leaders. When men become better leaders, our communities change. This event will give you more confidence and clarity in leading your brothers through the 90 days to Easter.

“Exodus 90 gave me a roadmap for how to live a life of virtue beyond just the 90 days.”

Kurt Gibson,

Finalist on The Amazing Race

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Pre-Launch Leaders Event

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Free 7-day Trial

The first seven days are free. On Day 8, you'll be invited to join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic $10 / month. Men who join Exodus+ gain a year-long roadmap for living different beyond Easter Sunday.

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