You need brothers.

And they need you.

Exodus 90 without fraternity is not actually Exodus 90. It’s just a hard, lonely, grog through 90 days. The true power of going down this road is in following the witness of Christ — who journeyed with 12 of his friends.
So, who will you invite?

5 Steps to invite a friend to Lent with you

Lent for Men can is a challenge. It will ask you to be uncomfortable in a world that tempts you all day long with opportunities for comfort.

That means it might be challenging to find men to join you. To help encourage your friends, try these steps:

How it works.


You will journey with the Israelites through the Book of Exodus. Each morning you’ll have a passage from the Bible and a reflection to guide your silent prayer.

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We can’t say “yes” to God until we have said “no” to the world and its comforts. You’ll return to the Church’s ancient – and largely forgotten – tradition of asceticism. That’s a fancy word that means “acts of self denial.”

See the disciplines >


Invite men you know to journey with you: your friends, co-workers, brothers, or that random guy at Church. You will meet each week with your fraternity and follow a simple structure for prayer, encouragement, and accountability. One of the men from your fraternity will be your Anchor, and you will check in with him each day.

Why you can’t do it alone >

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