How it works

Lent for Men is a 40-day spiritual exercise based on three pillars: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity.

It’s an introduction to a different kind of life: a life of responsibility, meaning, and true freedom.

For forty days, men commit to prayer, asceticism (a fancy word for acts of self-denial), and fraternity. Here’s how it works:

🙏🏼 Prayer


As men, we are called to participate in the headship of Jesus Christ. Are you the spiritual leader you need to be? Should your friends and family trust the decisions you make? Will you lead them where the Lord is calling in good times and in bad? Without a life firmly rooted in prayer, it’s impossible. It’s time to start prioritizing prayer in our daily lives, so that we can grow in the knowledge and love of God.

During Lent, you will build up a habit of daily prayer. You will commit to a holy hour each day. If you can’t do an entire hour on a given day, do as much as you can, with a minimum of twenty minutes of silent prayer time. In addition, you will read through the book of Exodus, and the daily scripture will be accompanied by a reflection. The reflection will help you enter into the story, understand where you are in the journey, and lead you into your conversation with the Lord.


🚿  Asceticism


    The ascetic practices laid out in Lent for Men help you to detach from the things of the world. We say no to small things in order to say yes to the big things that God calls us to!

    Asceticism is not about proving something to yourself or to others, and it is most certainly not about earning God’s grace. Though it makes Lent for Men distinct, it is not the point. Acts of asceticism are a means to a much greater end: union with God and with those he has entrusted to our care.

    A man living out the ascetic practices without living the disciplines for prayer and fraternity would be doing something, but he would not be doing Lent for Men. This is an exercise in prayer, asceticism, and fraternity!

    💪🏼  Fraternity


    The life that Jesus Christ models for us from Bethlehem to Calvary is filled with true community.

    Many men have buddies with whom they can drink beer and watch sports. But, very few men have true brothers. Men who truly know them and with whom they can be honest and vulnerable.

    During Lent for Men you will form a fraternity with 4-6 other men. And one of those men will be your anchor with whom you will check in each day. The fraternity exists to support, encourage, challenge, and show mercy! What you will find is that Lent for Men is unlike most small groups or Bible studies. It’s not about what you know, it’s about being real and authentic with others who are craving the same.

    😎  After Easter Sunday

      • We feast!
      • We raise a glass!
      • We continue on the path to virtue

      What’s that mean?

      The 40 days of Lent aren’t a finish line — they’re a new beginning.

      After 40 days of prayerful meditation, you will build your plan to continue your journey through the Easter Season in joyful celebration.

      Beginning on Easter Sunday, our NEW Exodus Seasons begin — with a clear roadmap and action plan for you to customize to your own needs and goals. The Exodus Seasons will support you throughout the entire calendar year — offering a practical, realistic, and effective path to living different not just for three months out of the year, but year-round.

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      The first seven days are free. On Day 8, you'll be invited to join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic $10 / month. Men who join Exodus+ gain a year-long roadmap for living different beyond Easter Sunday.

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