Which of your friends would benefit from a better Lent?

There are probably some men you invited to take on Exodus 90 with you this year, and maybe they scoffed at the cold showers, or some of the other iconic disciplines included with a spiritual exercise like Exodus 90.

Understandable, certainly! Exodus 90 can be a radical change to a man’s life, and there are definitely times in your life where radical changes aren’t healthy.

Knowing this — and knowing that the Church invites all one billion Catholics around the world to deepen their spiritual lives during Lent — our team has put together a new journey through Lent (and without the cold showers!).

Our Lent 2023 spiritual exercise will help those men enter into this penitential season more joyfully. They will spend 40 days in the wilderness with Jesus, joined to His own prayer, asceticism, and fraternity with His disciples. They’ll follow in His footsteps to become ever more conformed to Him.

Reading the Gospel of Mark, they will enter the mysteries of Christ’s life in prayer to imitate our master and to open our lives to His presence within us. This will include reflecting on who Jesus is, how He restores the image of God in us, how He inspires us to pray and give alms, and growing in faith, hope, and love. Like Lent itself, the exercise finds its fulfillment in Holy Week, as they meditate and pray on the Paschal mystery, the Lord’s giving of Himself as the Paschal lamb on the Cross, and his Resurrection, which restores us to new life.

The Lenten disciplines will draw them into regular daily prayer and the removal of obstacles to our spiritual growth, such as attachment to food and drink, technology, and comfort.

So, which of your friends could benefit from a more intentional Lent this year? Share this post with them and invite them to take on Lent 2023 with Exodus!